We believe in a world where people can focus on what matter most for them.

We see ourselves as partners, enabling them to do just that.

Guided by Clear Values

Being a good partner calls for reliability and stability. Everything we do is based on clear values and standards.




Our promise is to provide clients with an impeccable market presence. Our clients place their most valuable asset in our hands – their customer contacts.
That calls for absolute reliability on our part. Thanks to our extensive experience stretching back more than two decades, our thoroughness and our efficiency, our customers are able to place their full trust in us.

We believe that a good partner must be understanding and supportive.
Our empathy for the needs and wishes of our clients, our commitment to them and our desire to support them in the best possible way are what make us truly caring.

Enabling others to grow and succeed calls for solutions that go beyond the everyday.
Since our beginnings we have been open and curious, always ready to question the familiar. That makes us particularly creative and innovative. Indeed, our ambition is to lead and shape our entire industry.

Taking Responsibility

We believe that companies should be active, engaged partners in society. So, for us it goes without saying that we should live up to that responsibility and be actively engaged in society.

We are active in vocational training.

All our companies offer internships, trainee opportunities and apprenticeships for school-leavers and young professionals. We help our employees to develop a career.

We promote public-private partnerships.

We promote cooperation with universities and research institutions aimed at further development and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

Student support matters to us.

We offer financial support to the students of Freie Universität Berlin and Technische Universität Berlin within the framework of the ‘Deutschlandstipendium’ scholarship.

We believe in sustainability.

We operate in line with the latest climate science and align with the Paris agreement. We have set targets and implement measures to reduce direct emissions and indirect emissions in our value-chain. We aim to become a front-runner in our industry.

Committed to Clear Rules and Standards

Clear rules and standards form the basis of every successful, long-term partnership.
All the companies in our Group, and all our people, are committed to our Code of Conduct and put it into practice in their everyday work.

We are against

We are against

We are against bribery and corruption

We avoid  
conflicts of interest

We uphold regulations
for whistleblowing

We uphold a proper use
of corporate assets

We uphold data security standards