We make it possible for our clients to focus on what is most important for them.

That means building good relationships, right from the start.

Our Spirit at Work

We believe that work should be fun. So we promote a culture which creates a trust-based, positive workplace.

Our Spirit beyond Work

Relationships don't end when you leave the office. We celebrate our success outside work and get engaged in social projects.

Our Beginnings ...

The Idea

It was the year 2000. The dot-com bubble had just burst, stock markets were in freefall and venture capital for new businesses was almost impossible to come by. How could young entrepreneurs and small businesses overcome the challenges and secure success? For many, that question is as relevant as ever today. Without the financial resources to rent office space or hire staff, many entrepreneurs end up staying one person businesses or freelancers. But it's difficult to put good ideas into practice if you're working 60 hours a week. There's simply not enough time to concentrate on what your business is really about. But what if it was possible? What if you could work from anywhere? What if your office was virtual? What if you could have all your communication handled centrally? What if there was someone who could offer you flexible support and have your back 24/7? And what if that service cost just a fraction of hiring your own staff?

A Business is Born

Summer 2000. ebuero's founder Holger Johnson had just started to transform his idea into reality.
Günter Faltin, whose name was on everyone's lips thanks to his book Brain versus Capital, heard about the project and was immediately interested. He bought a stake in the young company so he could digitalise his own business, Teekampagne, supplying the start-up financing and so enabling the launch of ebuero. 

ebuero starts – not in a Garage but on the Beach

Palm trees, a beach bar and several tons of sand, all in the heart of Berlin's Schöneberg district. Holger Johnson knew that a truly innovative business needs an extraordinary setting to attract the right people and ensure a successful start. The litmus test: were applicants ready to take off their shoes and step into the beach office barefoot?

Bye-bye, Hawaii

By autumn 2002 the beach had become too small for purpose. It was replaced with a large, bright office in Berlin-Schöneberg, which remains the headquarters of eGroup today. While the beach feeling is gone, the spirit has remained in the company to this day.

A Success Story

Since our beginnings in 2000 we have enjoyed extraordinary continuous growth, even during times of crisis. We have supported tens of thousands of company founders, start-ups, self-employed people and small businesses in their journey. Over the years we have given thousands of people the chance to build their careers with us.

To Be Continued

Today we are a medium-sized company with more than 1200 employees. We operate worldwide and employ a wide range of people from different backgrounds, providing smart solutions for freelancers, the self-employed and small businesses. Our work is guided by our vision of enabling people to focus on what is most important for them.